Sword drills are a fun and instructive tool for Christian Education and an attractive focal point for certain venues of Christian fellowship.

Why use sword drills?

Sword drills teach reverence for God’s word.

Sword drills encourage learning the order and placement of the books of the Bible.

Sword drills make Bible learning fun through healthy, controlled competition.

Sword drills provide an introduction to a lesson or topic.

Sword drills can make a nice break from class discussion, lecture or other activities.

Sword drills can be used to encourage participants to think about the meanings and applications of the passages used.

Sword drills are easy to adapt to many types of venues, such as: Sunday School classes, Bible study groups, youth meetings, smaller services (such as the old-fashioned evening service) and social events or informal fellowships.

Note: The verses listed in each sword drill are from the New International Version.  If you prefer another version of the Bible, please feel free to take the templates I provide and use the version of your choice.

Michael Bogart