Our goal is to explain and model effective Christian faith for the 21st century in accessible and practical formats.  Our products are available via the homepage.  If you have a question or would like to check on Dr. Bogart’s availability for a speaking engagement, please leave us a message.

Dr. Bogart has spoken in a wide variety of venues both in North America and in many cross-cultural settings in a number of developing countries.  He brings a wealth of experience in secular academia as well as religious settings and his message is appreciated by a wide variety of audiences.

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About Us

Accessible Information

The goal in offering our books and videos is to provide unbiased, practical and “to the point” information on a variety of popular religious, historical and cultural topics. In addition to a wealth of ministry experience, since 1992 I have been an instructor at several accredited colleges and universities on the subjects of world religion, philosophy and culture. This experience has caused me to value fair and accessible information on topics, which might otherwise be controversial.

“The most non-political, non-biased presentation on Islam I have ever seen!” – Lt. Col. Dan Viveros Chaplain, California National Guard and Iraq veteran

Core Human Issues

My teaching experience has underscored the fact that human beings seem to be spiritually hard-wired. Call it religion, the supernatural or worship—-people around the globe are fascinated by spiritual issues. Even people who are not religious themselves, are often drawn to personal contemplation and interpersonal discussions about religious topics. Because spirituality is so tightly interwoven with human life, it is vital that these issues be accurately understood and fairly discussed.

Personal Growth

Along with spiritual fascination, is the universal need to grow as individuals. The desired outcome of this and other materials in the videos and written materials we offer is to stimulate you by explaining concepts, describing religious and cultural practices and highlighting the significant issues, which affect us all.

Intelligent and Fair Interaction

Equipped with concise and reliable information, you can then make informed judgments and converse intelligently with others on a variety of subjects. A list of other products as well as more on my background, availability for seminars and other pertinent information on can be found at www.mindcuisine.com. Enjoy!

Michael Bogart


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