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Topic Introduction

You all just sat down for “Family Night”. The phone rings.  Your husband is needed. You try encouraging the caller to get in touch with the person who should be dealing with the issue, or you give them the advice you know to be correct, however… you are obviously not who they want to talk to.

Your husband is being unfairly treated, even abused, and your heart is so heavy for his burden. You know though, from past experiences, that you cannot speak up for him. You cannot defend him, or confront the individual like you really want to. First, they won’t listen to you, second, your defense of your husband only makes him look weak, and you, like a snarling, ugly fishwife! It would only demean your husband’s position…

What would you do?

How do you carry this burden? 

How do you encourage and enlighten your husband? 

How do you handle the reality that you can’t fix it?

How do you cope with not having any credibility?

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