You are now settled into your ministry/church.  But your expectations for life in full-time Christian Ministry have brought some surprises!  These expectations may have included:

  • The Bible Study is supposed to be at MY house?
  • My home must be sparkling clean – at all times! (Kinda hard when the house is so tiny and full of my small children!)
  • I’m the only piano player/musician? Really?
  • I’m the Women’s Ministry teacher?
  • I’m in charge of nursery?
  • I’m really supposed to dress in that matronly style?

These and other unspoken expectations may have been made know to you in some fashion.  Who knew?

Now its your turn: Pick one or all of these expectations (or come up with your own) and tell us about it!  In your story you may want to talk about:

  • Your biggest surprises
  • Were there completely positive surprises?
  • Were you transformed by the surprises?
  • The good that came from learning to adapt to them
  • Your advice for lovingly and courageously setting the limits on expectations


Here are the responses received when the blog was first posted.  You can scroll down to the bottom of the page and add your story in the Comments.