Helping Christians practice effective 21st Century faith by:

  • Reaching Millennials. The 18-35 year old generation has largely disconnected from active Christian faith. Aspect Ministries provides training seminars and materials to help Christians understand how to reconnect this “absent generation” and to practice effective 21st Century faith.
  • Training Christian leaders. Especially in developing countries, people who aspire to Christian leadership have limited options for biblical training and acquiring practical  ministry skills. Aspect Ministries provides seminars and formal courses to meet this need.
  • Meeting the ideological challenges of our times. Postmodernism, Islam, aggressive atheism, and other ideologies often severely criticize Christian faith. Aspect Ministries offers materials, training and encouragement for Christians to speak to these challenges and offer a compelling defense of the Christian faith.

Meet Michael Bogart, Ed.D.

Dr. Michael Bogart is President and founder of Aspect Ministries.

Besides his nearly 40 years of various types of ministry experience among college students, the pastorate, and missions, Mike has been a part-time instructor for several colleges and universities, including West Hills Community College in Lemoore, California; Excelsior College; Fresno Pacific University; Chapman University; and Brandman University. He teaches in the areas of Western Civilization and Comparative Religion and Philosophy. In 2006, Mike was honored as the Navy College Instructor of the Year, for Naval Air Station, Lemoore.

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