For those interested in our upcoming trip to Israel to film the first segment of our UnDiscovered Bible film project, here is a tentative itinerary:

Thursday, 1/31 Arrival in Israel at Ben Gurion Airport.

Friday, 2/1: Caesarea Maritima, Har Megiddo (Armageddon), Ein Harod.

Saturday, 2/2 Northern Galilee: Magdala, Capernaum (House of Saint Peter), Dan, Nof Ginosar (the Jesus Boat)

Sunday, 2/3 Har Barakah, Shiloh, Elon Moreh, Jerusalem.

Monday, 2/4 Jordan River, Gilgal, the Dead Sea, Masada, Ein Gedi, Qumran

Tuesday, 2/5 Temple Mount. Garden of Ophel, City of David, Pool of Siloam

Wednesday, 2/6 Mount of Olives, exploring / shopping in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Thursday, 2/7 Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum), water system for Solomon’s Temple, Shepherd’s fields near Bethlehem.

Friday, 2/8 Abu Gosh, Valley of Ajalon, Valley of Elah (David and Goliath), free time on the Mediterranean shore and dinner, Ben Gurion Airport for flight home.

Saturday, 2/9, 2019 Arrive HOME