James Tissot. Public Domain.

Let’s admit it: almost everyone loves a good story. Television, movies, dramas, plays and songs all tell stories. Before contemporary media, people gathered in living rooms to hear stories on radio. Centuries before that, people listened with rapt attention to stories told by older family members sitting by a fire burning on the hearth or sometimes to traveling story tellers in some village gathering place. Technology may have changed, but our love for stories remains the same as ever!

But what happens when we come to that time of the year when the Christmas story is told?  This beloved story is full of hope and grace and joy, yet it can lose its punch for many of us who have heard it dozens of times. We hear the words from Matthew and Luke, where the main elements of the story are found, and they typically fall into the familiar grooves of our memories.  We may walk away mostly untouched by the wonder of it all.

So, I want to re-tell this portion of the Greatest Story Ever Told in a way that remains faithful to the facts as the New Testament records them for us, and yet is different enough so that our minds don’t go into neutral and its impact is lost.  That is my commitment.  But for this to work, you must make a commitment as well: to try to hear the story in a fresh way—with new ears so to speak. I believe as we do that together, God will touch us and do things in us that may not have happened in years.  Since many people are busy during the Christmas season, I will tell the story in four segments. This first episode of the Drama of the Christmas Story series, gives the backstory behind the birth of Jesus.  Here is the link: https://sites.libsyn.com/451119/the-drama-of-the-christmas-story-episode-1 Enjoy!

Michael Bogart