Sword Drill Instructions:

Explain why the Bible is the Christian’s “sword” (verses like Hebrews 4:12 and Ephesians 6:17 may be used as examples).

Have everyone close their Bibles and hold them by the binder. If not all those participating have a Bible with them, you may want to provide extras. Be prepared that there will be various versions used, so the readings may vary slightly.

Shout “Sheathe swords” (everyone should put their Bibles under their arms).

Shout “Draw swords” (everyone should now hold their Bibles in the air with arms straight).

Announce the passage (book, chapter, and verse) and have everyone repeat it after you in unison.

Shout “Charge” everyone should now try to look up the verse as quickly as possible. Participants may also recite the verse from memory, but it must be very close to word-perfect to qualify as a winner.

The first one to find the reference should stand and begin reading the verse (or reciting it from memory). Actual ties can be dealt with by allowing both to win that round.

Each person who wins a round is automatically a finalist. A person may win only once before the final. The final round includes all the winners of the individual verse drills. Each sword drill session has a theme.

There is a winner for guessing the theme as well as an overall drill winner. Candy or a small prize may be awarded to the winners.

The verses listed in each sword drill are from the New International Version.  If you prefer another version of the Bible, please feel free to take the templates I provide and use the version of your choice.

Michael Bogart