Topic Introduction

Your husband brought the news with such joy and anticipation. You had been called to serve at a church in the Midwest; a village on the other side of the world; etc.

“Where is that?”  You asked.

“How large a: congregation/institution? etc.” You queried.

“Why US?”  You cried joyfully; bemoaned; etc.

Your Turn: Give us Your Story!

Anonymously respond to these questions in the “Leave a Reply” box at the very bottom of this page:

  • How did you initially react to “the Call”?
  • Where was your heart by the time you arrived at this new Venture?
  • How did your first year go?

Don’t forget, here’s how this works…

Each month a topic will be presented. I will give an introduction and an invitation to all of you who would like to respond to the topic. Ask questions. Tell your story. A little bit of crying and bellyaching is allowed, however, there will be limitations.  Our goal is to find each other through our discussion of our shared experiences and to encourage each other. God will be with us!

Respond to the topic in the “Leave a Reply” box at the very bottom of the this page.

  • Be sure to use only your initials in the section where it asks for first and last name, or give a pseudo-name to keep your identity private.
  • Please, don’t give actual names of people or places as you tell your story. Protect. Protect. Protect.

It may be necessary for some editing of your submission to present a concise version. I will work (and pray) through your comment/response and then post both what you contributed and my own comment or response, as well as interaction from “the Sisterhood” I have received concerning it. Nearing the end of each month, I will inform you of the next month’s topic, to give the opportunity for you to prepare.