Effective preaching and teaching

Get the wisdom of 40 years of preaching and teaching in this highly-rated course

You will learn how to:

  • Create on-target messages week after week
  • Overcome those nervous feelings
  • Stay on point without drifting
  • Organize and communicate your thoughts
  • Learn to develop effective phrasing and communication techniques

“Effective Preaching and Teaching” will equip you with basic Bible study and communication skills. You will learn how to:

  • Isolate the main ideas within a Bible passage
  • Choose an appropriate message style
  • Structure a clear Bible lesson or sermon,
  • Learn how to interact effectively with an audience
  • Gain insight into your own unique style

The video lectures are also supplemented with study notes and communication examples.

Dr. Michael Bogart has personally designed this 12 part course on effective preaching and teaching including:

  • Sermon preparation
  • Homiletics
  • Bible Study for preaching
  • Sermon series preparation
  • Sermon humor
  • Sermon illustration

Your Instructor, Dr. Michael Bogart, works as a pastor and professor in the United States, and has worked with a number of cultures, in countries around the world. Take advantage of his experiences and learn how to avoid common bible teaching and preaching pitfalls. sign up for the course and Get more than 40 years of EXPERIENCE  distilled into a series of short, practical lessons!


Mike's structure is professional and the only thing I'd like to see added is an example of a bible study in outline form from his examples. His message is clear and understandable. I like the way he gives pdf's to support the information. An excellent beginning for bible study creation. I believe these skills are transferable to any topic. He answers questions as well.

Michelle Daley, Udemy Course Student

Very simple to understand.I like the idea of the questions at the end of every chapter.

Joseph Danquah, Udemy Course Student

Great Teaching!

Andrew LaTour, Udemy Course Student