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Join us at our next stop exploring the Southern Steps, our twelfth destination in the virtual tour of Israel Come along with Melinda and me to Jerusalem, where we’ll visit the Western Wall, the Southern Steps, and then make a quick trip to the Mediterranean coast at Caesarea. Come along and see for yourself!

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Pentecost and the Gospel

So, Jesus rose from the dead. I can’t think of any event more pivotal in human history. But what happened next? Well over the next six weeks, Jesus’ periodically appeared to his disciples. It seems he did this not only to convince them of his resurrection but also to prepare them to take leadership of a new body of people that would form very soon: the Church. During that time, Jesus also commissioned them to take the gospel to the very ends of the earth — the gospel is the term for the good news that people everywhere can experience cleansing and new life by faith in the risen Jesus.

Now, fifty days after Passover the Jews always celebrated the feast of Pentecost, or Feast of Weeks. But where did Pentecost happen? Acts 2 verse 2 says that the Holy Spirit filled them and preached to a crowd of thousands. Remember that it’s the Day of Pentecost, so the disciples, being observant Jews, would have almost certainly gone to the Temple to spread the good news. But the Temple was a big place, so where in the Temple precincts did they gather? Well, one likely possibility is the Southern Steps area.

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