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Topic Introduction

Definitely a “fishbowl” topic.  The Preacher’s/ Christian leader’s kids are always being observed and many things are expected from them: Maturity way beyond their age; they are to be kind, gentle, and obedient at-all-times; eager to learn Godly things; natural born leaders; and on and on…

However, they pop the bubble, pretty much as soon as they come into full view and open their mouths.  Bless them!  They are, after all, our very own little carnal-natured humans!

Let’s start this multi-chaptered Topic with Humor:

Give me some really GOOD ones.  We need some laughs. 

Ones like mine, when our oldest son, at the tender, pure (?) age of 7, brought to the Church Picnic a new word he learned at school. 

“Pastor Bogart, Joey just said the “F” word at the playground!”

Joe was quicker than Dad that day, running all the way to the edge of the park boundary fence.  And then he could go no further…

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