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Topic Introduction

Did you ever go overboard on your expectations of your own kids?  What’s up with that?  Were we embarrassed with their genuine, normal behavior?  Did this have something to do with our own pride?

Give some examples of when your fishbowl children taught you some really good lessons. Some meaty godly truths. :

  • Perhaps you can share some truths you learned as you watched your children.
  • What have you learned about God’s wonderful sense of humor and His perfect choice of the child He gave you for living in this life in a fishbowl?
  • Have you carried GUILT with your motherhood?
  • Maybe you have a story to tell concerning a situation you went through with those in the church “observing” our children.

Wow. I had no idea this topic would still be so painful for me to discuss. Do you feel it too? Maybe it’s because we Mothers literally live for our most precious gifts on earth.
I sure have. I’ve always wanted to do it right by my children. I sure didn’t always accomplish that, however, I was committed and still am, to serving God in the role He put me in.

What Are Your Stories?

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