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Join us at our next stop at Megiddo on our Fourteenth destination in the virtual tour of Israel Follow Melinda and me at Megiddo and see the spectacular Valley of Jezreel.  Come along and see for yourself!

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Megiddo and the Battle of Armageddon

Armageddon.  The very term conjures up scenes of a world-wide conflict and the catastrophic end of the age.  The original Hebrew, Har Magedon, was the name given to the heights of Megiddo overlooking a panoramic valley.  The valley, called the Valley of Jezreel, stretches some 30 miles from the Mediterranean coast in the west to the Jordan Valley in the east.  Over the centuries, a number of important battles were fought in the Jezreel Valley near Megiddo involving Egyptians, Israelites, Syrians, Turks, and even the British.

Of course, according to the Bible, the big battle is yet to come.  Revelation 16:16 speaks of the epic battle of Armageddon: Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.  That verse shows the present age as moving toward the end when the armies of the rebellious nations of the world will be destroyed as they array themselves against Israel in opposition to God and his Kingdom.  Christians have a variety of interpretations of End Times events, but looking out over that huge Valley of Jezreel from the vantage point of the ruins of Megiddo, it isn’t hard to imagine hundreds of thousands of soldiers and machines maneuvering against one another, only to be destroyed by the sudden, righteous appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Given the state of the world, I can only say, maranatha—come Lord Jesus.  So, join Melinda and me at Megiddo and see the spectacular Valley of Jezreel.

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