It has been almost two months since I last posted about my explanations of the Chosen series.  I am currently in the process of making videos that answer viewers’ questions about each episode in the series.  Although the series is absolutely fabulous, it seems to me that a main weakness in the series is that the makers simply assume that people either already know religious terms and the background of first century Judaism, or that people will just pick these things up as they go along.  I answered some questions about Season 1, Episode 1 in a previous post that linked to my video.  In that video, I explained shabbat (the sabbath), the Pharisees, Passover and other key terms, as well as questions about characters like Matthew and James.  Here is the link:

In this second explanatory video I explain the Exodus, Passover, the Mosaic Covenant, mMary Magdalene and several other characters in the Chosen.

I hope these videos are not only enjoyable, but result in breakthroughs in your understanding of the series, the Bible, and of the amazing and loving God it reveals!