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Join us to learn more about Jesus’ Teaching and Miracles, and the Church of the Beatitudes on this seventh stop in the virtual tour of Israel.

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Jesus’ Teaching and Miracles

The time between when Jesus began calling his disciples until his crucifixion and resurrection was no more than three or three and a half years. During his short ministry, Jesus probably celebrated three separate Passovers that can be identified in the gospel accounts. So his ministry was actually quite brief.  Sometimes Bible scholars label these years as: the Year of Obscurity, in which Jesus was not yet widely known; the Year of Popularity, when the crowds flocked to hear him teach and to see his miracles; and the Year of Opposition, in which his enemies’ growing alarm and animosity at his popularity and revolutionary teaching culminated in his arrest, trial, and execution.

On this episode of our virtual tour, we will make two stops. The first will be the Church of the Beatitudes on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee, close to Jesus’ home base of Capernaum. Here we will consider Jesus’ teaching. The second stop will be on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus did one of his astounding miracles—the healing of the man possessed by many demons. Check out this important stop on our video tour!

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