jaronminiJARON Ministries International exists to:

…build a team of Ambassadors of Jesus Christ who will teach, disciple, counsel and encourage Christian leaders in the United States and abroad.

…serve as a ministry of instruction and motivation to local churches and Christian organizations through conferences, seminars, retreats, short-term ministries and special services.

…produce and provide biblically sound and currently relevant written, audio and video training materials.

…organize and lead short-term ministry teams to other parts of the world.

Our History

While pastoring local churches in California, Dr. James Cecy took a variety of ministry trips overseas, ministering primarily to Christian leaders in Asia. His heartfelt burden for pastors and church leaders became, in 1990, a call to full-time ministry through conferences and teaching, as he became a “Pastor to the pastors.” In 1992, his newly completed doctoral dissertation, written on the subject of why pastors fall into moral decay in ministry, became the cornerstone of JARON’s ministry through the Building Personal Purity and Immorality in the Ministry seminars. JARON Ministries International was incorporated in 1992.

As the ministry grew, demand increased for other Biblically-based training that resulted in dozens of other timely conference, audio and video titles.

JARON Ministries continues to grow and minister world-wide as a non-profit, religious organization, with a diverse staff of conference speakers and administrative staff. Ministry funds are raised through donations from local churches and concerned individuals who have either benefited from JARON’s teaching ministry, or who simply believe in JARON’s mission and want to help make this ministry available to others around the world.

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