Genesis Challenge | Chapters 46-47: Jacob’s Family Arrives in Egypt

In Genesis chapters 46-47, Jacob’s family arrives in Egypt. They will remain in Egypt for many years to come until they grow into a mighty nation. This time of sheltered growth is only possible because of Joseph’s faith and gracious attitude. As you read these chapters, consider questions:

  • Why was it necessary for God to specifically instruct Jacob to go to Egypt (see Genesis 26:2)? What was God’s purpose for sending the Israelites there (31-34)?
  • Joseph instructs his brothers in chapter 46 to tell the Egyptians that they are shepherds and that shepherds are detestable to Egyptians. This results in the Israelites being set apart and given a region where they can live together in community. Why is this vital for their future?
  • In chapter 47 Jacob arrives in Egypt and meets Pharaoh. Who blesses whom in vs. 7 and why is this significant?
  • 47:13ff records how Joseph saves the Egyptian people by subjecting them to Pharaoh. Do you think the long-term arrangement where one fifth of all crops belong to Pharaoh was a fair one?
  • In 47:20ff why does Jacob make Joseph promise to bury his body in Canaan with Abraham and Isaac?

For your journal

As you work your way through this chapter, use these four questions as guides for discovery and personal growth:

  • Find at least one new fact.
  • Discover at least one cultural difference between times in Genesis and our own culture.
  • Pinpoint any faith principles you see.
  • Select one attitude, behavior, or action that you want to apply in your own life.

You will find it helpful to keep a journal or log to record your thoughts, questions, and findings. As you read, I hope you will join me in sharing some of what you are learning on the Aspect Ministries Facebook page: