Genesis Challenge | Chapter 32: Jacob Learns to Trust

It is hard to tell at what point in his life Jacob learns to trust God deeply.  Some would point to Genesis 32 as that point of faith. As many people are aware, a surface faith in God is very different from a deep, personal, deliberate act of faith. It would seem that this deeper, more deliberate type of faith is what occurs in Jacob’s life at this point.

  • What was Jacob trying to accomplish by sending messengers ahead to meet Esau in 32:2ff?
  • Who was “the man” that Jacob wrestled with in 32:24?
  • What was the purpose of the man touching Jacob’s hip and dislocating it? What was Jacob’s final move in the wrestling match? What were the consequences in Jacob’s later life?
  • In what ways was this event a turning point in Jacob’s life? Give several examples to show that Jacob left this encounter a changed man.

For your journal

As you work your way through this chapter, use these four questions as guides for discovery and personal growth:

  • Find at least one new fact.
  • Discover at least one cultural difference between times in Genesis and our own culture.
  • Pinpoint any faith principles you see.
  • Select one attitude, behavior, or action that you want to apply in your own life.

You will find it helpful to keep a journal or log to record your thoughts, questions, and findings. As you read, I hope you will join me in sharing some of what you are learning on the Aspect Ministries Facebook page: