The Importance of Forgiveness

Forgive (Courtesy Unsplash)

It is hard to overstate the importance and blessings of forgiveness. Have you ever had trouble getting over being hurt?  Almost everyone has had the experience of being hurt so badly that they held a grudge for years after the event.  Sometimes people are hurt by insensitive words or actions.  Sometimes, it is cruel treatment that causes the pain.  Sometimes it is just being ignored or dismissed that is hard to take.  Many people know that getting beyond the hurt is the right thing to do. But knowing what is right and actually doing it are different things.

A helpful video

For those who need a bit of clarification about the concept of forgiveness, a short video I came across recently explains the three main types of forgiveness and their applications. The types of forgiveness are exoneration, forbearance, and release. Exoneration is simply, wiping the slate clean and moving forward as if the offense never happened.  Forbearance is choosing to proceed with the relationship whether or not the offense can be completely forgiven.  Release happens when the offended person simply lets the offense go and moves on without any apology or remorse from the offender.

Though the Bible doesn’t use these exact terms, I believe the points made in this Prager University video are consistent with what scripture has to say about the nature and blessings of forgiving.  I hope you find it helpful. Dr. Michael Bogart