Genesis Challenge | Chapters 23-26: The Heritage of Isaac

In these chapters describing the heritage of Isaac, the theme of oaths, covenants, and treaties runs throughout. What does this passage have to teach us about how we deal with one another in important matters like marriages, land transactions and personal promises? Here are some other issues to consider in these chapters:

  • Why did Abraham wait until Isaac was 40 to arrange a suitable marriage for him?
  • Describe the faith shown by Abraham’s servant in regard to finding Isaac a wife?
  • What kind of girl was Rebekah and why was she God’s choice?
  • What do you think went through Rebekah’s mind when she heard what God foretold about her babies in 25:23?
  • What do you make of Isaacs similar failure of faith in chapter 26, compared with Abraham’s in chapter 20?

For your journal

As you work your way through this chapter, use these four questions as guides for discovery and personal growth:

  • Find at least one new fact.
  • Discover at least one cultural difference between times in Genesis and our own culture.
  • Pinpoint any faith principles you see.
  • Select one attitude, behavior, or action that you want to apply in your own life.

You will find it helpful to keep a journal or log to record your thoughts, questions, and findings. As you read, I hope you will join me in sharing some of what you are learning on the Aspect Ministries Facebook page: