Life in Ministry on Full Display!
Introducing the blog series: Her Life in a Fishbowl

Dear Pastor’s Wives and Christian Leader’s Wives,

What I would like to accomplish with this column is to spend time together sharing our “Life in a Fishbowl” experiences.  We have been on, and still are on an Incredible journey!

When one is weary of trying to do her best and be the best example for others, the advice (usually un-asked for) from others, is often given with an insensitivity of one who has NOT walked in her shoes and lived her difficult life.

We will be Sisters in this venture.  We will share our experiences, which include insatiable expectations – ours as well as others’ for us – our failures, our victories, our grievances, our humorous situations, our psychological beatings, and our spiritual growth.

As we open our hearts to each other, we may offer ourselves up with a vulnerability that I will respect and protect. In order for us to know our confidences are safe with each other, I ask us all to use pseudo names and non-specific place-references.

We will go to God’s word together, as it is alive and relevant to each and every circumstance we go through.  There has been no mistake in our calling to this life of ministry.  God is in it all and with us through it all.  His purpose prevails through each of our life situations and experiences.  Including the good and the very, very baaaad.

I will give “a sensitive, empathetic ear”.  I’ve been there too, and I know there is more to come! Join me as we reflect on what we have experienced and look forward together to what is ahead!

With love,

Melinda Bogart

Here is How this Will Work…

Each month a topic will be presented – we’ll release the first discussion topic in just a few days! I will give an introduction and an invitation to all of you who would like to respond to the topic. Ask questions. Tell your story. A little bit of crying and bellyaching is allowed, however, there will be limitations.  Our goal is to find each other through our discussion of our shared experiences and to encourage each other. God will be with us.

Respond to the topic in the “Leave a Reply” box at the very bottom of the blog page.

  • Be sure to use only your initials in the section where it asks for first and last name, or give a pseudo-name to keep your identity private.
  • Please, don’t give actual names of people or places as you tell your story. Protect. Protect. Protect.

It may be necessary for some editing of your submission to present a concise version. I will work (and pray) through your comment/response and then post both what you contributed and my own comment or response, as well as interaction from “the Sisterhood” I have received concerning it. Nearing the end of each month, I will inform you of the next month’s topic, to give the opportunity for you to prepare.