Man ChangingTimeRecently, the church where I serve as associate pastor went through a process of evaluation.  As I participated in the process, it reminded me of several times I did this sort of thing in my solo pastorate in years gone by.  So after some reflection, I have come up with a list of evaluative questions which I hope will be helpful for churches and ministries desiring positive change.

  • What are some of our strengths which we can affirm and celebrate?
  • What are the major weaknesses which we should admit and deal with?
  • How can we legitimately minimize the possible negative effects of those areas of ministry which we cannot provide as effectively as other local churches (such as music, youth work, children programs, etc)?
  • Are there sins we must confess as a congregation?
  • If so, how should they be identified and discussed?
  • What will true repentance look like in our congregation?
  • Does the inner circle of our people desire to address core issues affecting change or are they content to do business as usual?
  • Is it acceptable to those desiring change if the key leadership decides that status quo is desirable?
  • What are the key “church health issues” we must address?
  • Do the people have the moral will to see desired changes implemented?
  • What will be the financial and personal costs as well as the impact on morale for necessary changes to be made?
  • What tangible benefits can the congregation anticipate if changes are made?
  • What are some reasonable goals we must begin to achieve within the next three months?  Six months?  Within the next year?
  • How should these goals be prioritized?
  • What is the overall timetable for the achievement of these goals?
  • Who will see these goals through to completion?
  • How will we know when we have achieved our goals satisfactorily?

I hope this is helpful.  Michael Bogart