Genesis Challenge | Chapters 15-16: Abraham’s Faith Fails

January 13th Reading (Genesis Challenge) | Yesterday’s Reading

In Genesis 15-16, God makes a pivotal promise to Abraham concerning his descendants (15:4-5). Although Abraham believed God (vs. 6), he seems to have had trouble leaving the matter in God’s hands. Think about these issues as you read through this section:

  • On what basis was Abram counted as righteous in God’s eyes?
  • Why did Abram ask for some sort of concrete guarantee that God would fulfill his promise (15:8)? What may have been God’s reasons for making a solemn oath to Abram, sealed with a sacrificial ceremony?
  • In chapter 16, what is Sarah’s complaint and whom does she blame for her problem? What is her solution to the problem?
  • In what ways did Abram and Sarah’s faith fail? What were the consequences of that failure?
  • Who is the innocent human party in this failure of faith and how does God protect that person?


As you work your way through this chapter, use these four questions as guides for discovery and personal growth:

  • Find at least one new fact.
  • Discover at least one cultural difference between times in Genesis and our own culture.
  • Pinpoint any faith principles you see.
  • Select one attitude, behavior, or action that you want to apply in your own life.

You will find it helpful to keep a journal or log to record your thoughts, questions, and findings. Please feel free to share what you are learning on the Aspect Ministries Facebook page.