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Topic Introduction

A sense of humor is absolutely necessary with this job. There are just too many funny, funny situations that being in leadership puts us in. Now is the time to pick one of your favorites and share it with the rest of us.

I’ll start us off:

My husband was to give a graveside message and I was the soloist for the service. The location was an hour’s drive away.  I dressed quickly, couldn’t decide which shoes looked best with my outfit, and off we went to the cemetery.

When I stepped onto the grass and began walking toward the group of mourners I noticed something was not quite right with my steps. I looked down at my feet. Gasp! Two different shoes! No turning back! An entire four hours of helping to conduct a graveside service and then sitting around visiting at the luncheon reception following.

You know, it’s hard standing on one foot, on uneven ground and quite difficult to give encouragement through song when you’re terrified someone might be looking at your feet! Sitting in a folding chair and tucking one foot back and way under can lead to an even more embarrassing fall forward!

I opted for my old default. Just go with it. Enjoy the humor of the situation and make ‘em laugh!

Who’s Next?!

Share your own “moment” or one you observed… Can’t wait to hear them and help you share them!

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