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Join us at our next stop as we explore the Fun Things of Israel on our Fifteenth destination in the virtual tour of Israel Come with us as we walk the streets of Jerusalem in the rain, and watch as a Jewish wedding procession passes by near the Temple Mount. Come along and see for yourself!

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The Fun Things of Israel

No tour of Israel would be complete— even a virtual tour— without some of the fun things that happened on our travels.  Tasting different foods, meeting interesting people, experiencing foreign cultures, and the sights and sounds that come with visiting new cities, monuments, and places— these are all part of touring.  So, Melinda and I want to pass along some of these fun kinds of things we experienced on our tour of Israel in 2015.  The week-long trip, sponsored by GTI Tours, was a whirlwind, to say the least. On this final stop on our Virtual Tour Melinda and I want a few of the fun things that we remember from our time in Israel, including the amazing food choices, the varied accommodations, the exotic animals, the key places, sights, and sounds of the unique city of Jerusalem, and even the unexpected snow we experienced.

We are still processing it all three years later in 2018.   The purpose of this virtual tour is to allow you to experience the Holy Land and give you insight into the Bible and how it deeply affects our lives.  If you haven’t gone to Israel, maybe this tour will motivate you to do so one day.  Our thanks to GTI Tours: they were just excellent.  And now, join Melinda and me as we share some of those fun experiences with you.

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