Author: Michael Bogart

General Characteristics of Cult Groups

The term “cult” may be defined as an extremist and unorthodox religious group. Though various cultic groups have many differences among themselves, they share some common characteristics that Christians should be familiar with. Among those who lead these religious groups and those who follow their teachings, there is a common mentality and certain recurring features. […]

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June, 2008: Mexico

Dear friends, Greetings! I have just returned from a trip to Mexico (June 21-30), which your gifts and prayers have made possible. I wanted to send this letter right away to thank you and to report on the significant ministry,...

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February, 2008: Mexico

Dear friends,   I am writing this brief letter to bring you up to speed on our most recent missions project. Several colleagues and I have made plans to establish a training center for Christian leaders in Tehuacan in the...

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