Have you ever been frustrated reading the Bible?  Have you ever been tempted to just shut the book and walk away?  Maybe you have never even attempted to get into this book that many people find intimidating and cryptic.

At Aspect Ministries, we are pleased to offer hope to those who might be interested in this ancient book revered and used by Christians and Jews alike.  Our Aspect Ministries team, along with a crew from our partners at Citadel Ministries, filmed at twelve locations in Israel that provide key insights for unlocking deep meaning often unavailable to modern readers due to cultural and historical barriers.  Since then, participants in the pilot studies of the early versions of the videos and study materials were often amazed at how the scriptures opened up meanings and life-truths that they had missed –sometimes for years!

The project is currently in the final stages of development and will launch soon with six segments, followed shortly by six more.  The UnDiscovered Bible is intended not only to open the Scriptures on a deeper level for believers, but is especially designed to engage unaffiliated 21st century people with the Bible—many for the first time in a serious way.   We will keep you informed of our progress and releases as they occur.  You can use this link to our latest promo video for the project: