The Spread of Islam by Jihad

The Spread of Islam

The spread of Islam
The spread of Islam

How did the spread of Islam happen?  The actual Youtube video by by Dr. Bill Warner was titled: Jihad vs. the Crusades.  I love the way Dr. Warner graphically demonstrates how islam spread relentlessly in the Middle Ages and beyond.

In previous blogs, I posted the similar graphic representations of the spread of Christianity from its beginnings to the present.  Like the spread of Christianity videos, this one is simplistic, but it does a great job of showing how how things changed on the map over time.  Keep in mind that not everyone who lived under the rule of Islam was Muslim.  Christians, Jews, and others were allowed to live in these regions under certain conditions.  The value of the map is that it shows the influence / dominance of Islam as it spread, and in some cases retreated (as in the case of Spain and Portugal).

An Important Difference

I would like to point out one simple difference between Christianity and Islam. Christianity began as a religion of peace (turn the other cheek, etc.).  Because of this value,  most often Christianity relied upon persuasion to win converts.  Yes, it is true that there were episodes of Christian military conquest. For example, Charlemagne’s “conversion” of the Saxons of north Germany in the eighth and ninth centuries, or the Crusades of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.  But these are clearly the exceptions.  Islam is quite the opposite. Although Islam was able to use persuasion at times, it was born in armed conflict under the prophet Muhammad and tended to option for its tried and true method:  jihad, or armed force.

I hope this video is helpful.  Feel free to share this video with your friends, but be sure to give credit to Dr. Warner.

Christianity’s Spread: 1000 – 2016 AD

Check out this video: Christianity’s Spread: 1000 – 2016 AD!

Christian Cross
Christian Cross

In a previous blog, I posted this graphic map of Christianity’s spread from its beginnings around 30 AD to the year 1,000.  This sequel video shows its continued global spread until the present time.  Note that the maker of this video (Ollie Bye) includes all branches of Christianity in the video, including Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Oriental Christianity as well as Protestantism.  He does this by using different colors.  Of course the video is simplistic, but it does a great job of showing how Jesus’ words about preaching to all nations is being fulfilled!

The map gives a global perspective

So often we think of Christianity as a European or North American thing that was exported to other parts of the world.  This video showing Christianity’s spread over the past one thousand years gives perspective on that idea.  The truth is that Christianity only reached most of Europe around 400 years after the time of Christ, and spread to eastern Europe just before the year 1,000 (see the previous video).  Christian Faith came to North America with the European colonists in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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Christianity’s Spread: 30-1000 AD

Check out this video on Christianity’s Spread 30-1000 AD!   I think you’ll find that it will surprise you with how Christianity became established and the timeline it followed.

The value of this video.

This video shows visually how Christianity spread over its first thousand years from a tiny persecuted group in the Middle East  to eventually cover much of Europe and beyond.  It is interesting to see that Southern Europe, as well as parts of Africa and Asia became Christianized first.  It took 600 years for the ancestors of the English to embrace Christianity. The Germans accepted Christian faith at least a century later, and the Russians converted just before 1000 AD.  Notice how Christianity once also covered much of the Middle East and North Africa, but was displaced by Islam around 650 AD.

The next segment

This video was created and originally originally posted by Ollie Bye.  I will follow up this presentation with another post by the same person featuring a video of the spread of Christianity from 1000 AD to the present.  If you are of Christian faith, I think you may find these videos encouraging.  If you are not of Christian faith, you may at least learn some facts that you were unaware of.  Either way, enjoy.

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Watch the Video: Christianity’s Spread: 30-1,000 AD