Author: Tim Leon

Why Men Hate to Go to Church

Why some men hate church is a key issue for our times.  Many serious Christians have wondered why relatively fewer men than women are regular churchgoers.  I came across a video recently that features a conversation with Murrow, author of the best selling book, Why Men Hate Church. So, why do men hate church? In the conversation, Murrow says that the reason men are staying away from Church is that the Church has been on a feminizing path for the past couple of generations.  By feminizing, Murrow means that many churches have emphasized making choices that feature safety, a...

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Understanding Islam

Understanding Islam (DVD) gives a concise, user-friendly overview of the religion of Islam, including its origins, early expansion, teachings and divisions, as well as suggestions for how non-Muslim people can relate to the Muslim people around them. Hosted by veteran educator and world religion expert Michael Bogart.Length: 35 minutes. Available at MindCuisine This product is also available at Amazon.  Movies and TV: Understanding Islam (DVD) Ordering Instructions:  Find the products you wish to order and click on each one to add it to your cart.  Proceed to checkout to give shipping information.  The cash on delivery option does not work.   Once you place your order, you will be taken to Paypal where payment is made in one of two ways: Through your Paypal account Through a credit card within the Paypal site if you do not have a Paypal account Once payment has been received, your order will be shipped. Thank you for your purchase!  MindCuisine  ...

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